Adsense Account – When the final income balance reaches the payment threshold, we will send you a payment at the end of the following month. This limit varies according to the currency of your account report.

For example: The limit of payment of your account is 100 USD. In that case, if the final pending income reaches 100 USD in January, and has carried out the previous steps, we will issue the payment in late February. If the total outstanding final income does not reach the payment threshold, they add up to the next month until the limit is reached.

Regarding the currency used, it depends on each country but in general are euros and dollars used by Google AdSense Account to make payments. Obvious, of the method used for the payments and the entity, will depend the due conversion to local currency. The regulation of taxes is defined by each country when the money enters, but in general, or at least in Colombia and other Latin American countries, for now only some taxes for remittances are applied for the same lack of knowledge of the entities of the Government and banks that still do not put their eyes on it, something that does not happen in countries like USA with more follow-ups and more knowledge about the Internet.

Google AdSense Policies

There are a good amount of rules and restrictions to check before you want to make money with AdSense. All of them are in the AdSense Program Policies, among them, one of the most important is that  you can not click on your ads , nor can you ask family, friends or visitors to click as they will be taken as invalid clicks and at worst The cases as a trap, which could cause your account to be closed and not receive a penny.

You also can not modify the ad code or place titles around the blocks to encourage false clicks: “help us”, “click to support the site”, etc. It is that magic and profitability is that the process is natural, that click on the ads and that the advertisers’ offers are accessed consciously, so the idea is to allow that natural process regardless of whether at the beginning You do not see big profits, constantly working to publish high quality content, you can reach large sums.

Adsense – Account, Payments, Options And Limitations

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