What is banner advertisement?

Banner advertisement is advertising on websites in the form of banners. You can choose various sizes of banners to advertise.

Some of the most common sizes of banners are 12060, 125125, 46860, 120600 and 160600.

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What are the various types of banner advertisements?

There are various types of banner advertisements available such as CPM, CPC and other.

What is the best type of banner advertisement?

It depends on your requirement. However the most affordable and simple way of advertising is fixed price advertising where as you pay for weekly/monthly banner advertisement.

Fixed price banner advertisement is very simple and quick to advertise with less effort.

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Optimizing your website for Android Devices

Posted by suz on Sep 26, 2012 in Web Design Tips | 0 comments

With the Android operating systems rising popularity it is increasingly important to design websites which can be read and navigated by mobile web users using these devices. Because Android is installed on so many different types of devices with different screen sizes and aspect ratios it can be at times be slightly difficult to optimize and create a good user experience across all devices. Below are a few tips to get started with.

1) Google (and much of the android community ) recommends using CSS whenever possible to change a sites appearance dependent on what kind of device is accessing it (responsive design). This means CSS media queries determine the width of your display and deliver different layouts based upon screen size. If this is not possible however, use device specific HTML.

2) It is harder to touch the screen accurately as opposed to clicking with a mouse so make navigation easily accessible by using big enough icons with adequate space between them.

3) Avoid large popups (for signing up to email lists etc) which cover the screen and is difficult to turn off. It can make a site practically impossible to use on a mobile device.

4) Test on as many devices as you can. As well as the different devices try installing different browsers on each device. Emulators such as MobiReady are very handy also to test on.

These are just a few tips for optimizing your web site. When in doubt and you have run into a problem which you can not fix yourself it is often best to seek out an android forum to find answers and seek help.