Not surprisingly therefore existing web sites have needed to make some changes to make their sites more accessible to mobile phone users and new web sites are being built with mobile device users in mind.

There are many ways to handle your mobile web development from using site builders like wix, or mobile friendly eCommerce Software like Shopify, to hiring someone to do the work for you, or to simply do it yourself. Mobile web templates can be very handy when taking on this task by yourself. Below are a few places where you can find these templates.

H8 Mobile Template HTML5 /CSS3 mobile website template which supports the swipe gesture as well as offering many other great features.

Mobilized Touch optimized, good looking mobile template with many features (and only $9)

Mobifreaks Free mobile templates.

Google sites Another free way to create a mobile ready website.

ElegantThemes Responsive WordPress themes, $39 gets you access to ALL their wordpress themes which is really good value. Also all themes are updated on a regular basis and support is available if you come across any problems while creating your web site.

Cloudsafe WordPress Plugin

As WordPress has become a more and more popular tool to aid in web publishing it has also given rise to some new security issues that need to be addressed. Making sure your installation and theme is always up to date is one important way to help your site stay secure but this is not always enough unfortunately. This is where CloudSafe 365s easy to use wordpress backup security malware plugin can come in handy to security conscious web site owners.

The CloudSafe365 plugin continuously monitors your site to protect against malicious requests from reaching your Web server. The plugin also offers backup and some protection from content theft by stopping human and bot based data mining as well as automatic content scraping at the HTML layer of your WordPress site. Version 1.45.2 also introduces a malware prevention feature which scans the website for signs of malicious malware. To get a better idea of what else this plugin can do for your web site you can watch the cloudsafe365 extreme web protection video

The basic version of this plugin is free to download and use. There is also a plus and an upcoming pro version; simply take a look at the cloudsafe365 pricing plans page for more info about pricing and what features each version offers.

Mobile Templates And Web Development

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