When choosing a web host different people may be looking for different things but there are some features that are important no matter what type of web site you are planning on running. Here are the four features that I have found to be of most importance (in no particular order.

1) Tech Support No matter how experienced you are there will be times when you will need to ask your web host about some issue you are experiencing. Waiting for an answer for days is not a good feeling when your web site (which is possibly a major source of income) is not working properly.

2) Database, blogging and other software support Being able to install WordPress or some other CMS is a must. It is a great help if databases and scripts are easy to install and maintain on the server and a great control panel like cPanel will assure you have the best WordPress hosting possible.

3) Bandwidth and number of connections We all want to create popular web sites and we want our web host to be able to handle it. If you are only able to have a small number of connections to your web site at any given time your web site will not be able to accommodate a lot of visitors. If you go over your bandwidth allowance, it will most likely cost extra money.

4) Server uptime Naturally we all want our web sites to be online and accessible at all times.

Finding the best web hosting is not always an easy task but if you look for the above features you will be well on your way to finding a good web hosting company.

Top 4 Features To Look For In Your New Web Host

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